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I managed to watch like, 5 minutes of Oprah yesterday. She rocks! It was all about getting rid of clutter. I'm so guilty of clutter, it's not even funny. I have so much... stuff... like, old clothes I haev not worn in years, that are taking up room in my closet 'just in case' I have the desire to wear them again. They say if you haven't worn something in the last year, to get rid of it. I am scared to do this, however. The fear of 'what if I will want to wear it one day?' (Or: 'what if I will fit into it again?') So, I think I'm going to try to tackly this problem this weekend. I will de-clutter. My son's room is in perfect condition, though, and I'm proud of that. Anyway. Here's a fun quiz to see how much of a clutter-bug you are, from Oprah:

Here is the link:

And these were my results:

10-20 points: Uh-oh. Looks like you're a hard-core hoarder. But don't take it too hard or feel overwhelmed: The first step is admitting the problem. Remember that sometimes a first round of decluttering isn't enough. A few months after your first purge, you'll look at the same stuff you thought you couldn't throw out and realize you haven't touched it since your cleanup. It takes a while to get used to the idea that if you don't use it, if it's not part of your life, if it doesn't serve your goals, then it's just a waste of space. You'll get there!

Here are some tips:


- Tackle messes one room at a time.
- When you buy something new, practice the "in-out rule:" For every one new item, get rid of an old one. (YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!)
- Create intimacy in the master bedroom. Remember that improvements in one room can spread to the rest of the house.
- Make cleaning up fun for your kids.
- Create a vision for the room you're cleaning.
- Teach your kids how to sort.
- Use a hanger system to determine which clothes you wear most.
- Ask yourself if you really need something. If you hesitate, you don't.
- Establish a "magic triangle" in your kitchen between the stove, refrigerator and the sink. Keep the items you use most in that area.
- Identify useful utensils with the cardboard box test. Identify useful utensils with the cardboard box test. If you want to see what utensils you're really using, do the cardboard box test. "Take all the utensils out of your drawers, put them in a cardboard box," he says. "For the next month, whenever you use one of these utensils, put it back in the drawer. If after four weeks it's still in the box, you don't need it."

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Dal said...

I so now how you feel. I try and go through my closet twice a year. Its so hard because just like you said, "what if" I want to wear that shirt one day? But you gotta DO it!!! You wil feel so much better afterwards!

Dal :-)