Down to 50 bucks...

As most of you know, my son and I entered the Place D'Orleans photo contest in November in hopes of winning the 'right face for the right place' Christmas advertising campaign - and scoring 2,500 dollars in Place D'Orleans gift certificates. (Well, I had no intention of entering the contest - I only wanted my son to enter, but the photographer made me get in the picture, too, so I did. I guess they were looking for more of a family shot). Anyway... thanks to our friends and other nice people who voted for our picture online, we won! Sadly, I'm officially down to our last 50 dollars. Yup, our winnings have been spent! And I have actually not bought a single thing for myself! We did do some Christmas shopping, and of course the usual diapers, wipes, baby food, formula, and basically bought out Mrs. Tiggy Winkle's. But I did not splurge on myself at all! I guess I'm truly a mom, huh? And with 50 dollars left, what can I possibly buy for myself? What should I spend the last 50 bucks on?

Here is the winning picture that was on the side of buses for over a month and in bus shelters. It was so nice driving to work in the mornings and seeing my baby's face smiling back at me! And for all of you out there who wanted to enter but didn't - you still have a chance, because if I am not mistaken, they will be running the same contest again in the spring! So enter! You have nothing to lose!

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twinmomplusone said...

That was one beautiful picture, but then again hard to miss with such good looking subjects.

Now listen, take that last 50$, get yourself to the mall and buy yourself a new top, something springy, lots of new things coming out these days,you deserve it, for being a mom, mostly and for your hard work at WW.

I expect to hear back and see what it is you got for yourself ;)

Loukia said...

Haha, thank you! Okay, I'll wait a few more weeks for a few more pounds to drop off and then I will buy myself a new top for spring or something like that! Enough toys and books for now! And thank you for the lovely compliment... although we had a great photographer, you know! Thanks again! I'll let you know what I buy!