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I'm a big fan of supporting CHEO. I love children and I want to help CHEO in any way I can. At my son's baptism, instead of giving a traditional favour away, we donated to CHEO in his honour. My son was hospitalized for 10 days/nights when he was under 3 months old with a bad kidney infection. He has a condition called hydronephrosis which is totally treatable and not bad, but it does cause an increse in getting UTI's. So, he was hooked up to an IV, had blood work done, ultrasounds, x-rays, lots of catheters, and more. It was the most traumatic and terrifying experience of our lives, seeing our little baby sick and in the hospital. I'll never forget those horrible days, my poor little baby, the fever that wouldn't break, and the wondeful, caring nurses. I never left his bedside. He got another infection when was 6 months old and was in for 4 days, but since he was a bit older (6 months old) he recovered quicker. Anyway. We have spent a lot of time in CHEO for tests, etc, and Christos is 100% healthy. However there were other sick babies in CHEO that we saw on a daily basis who were not as lucky.
I found out about "Birthday Cards for Shane" on Kiss FM, and would like to ask each and every of you to please send this almost 8 year old boy who is very sick a birthday card. I think he has already received 10,000 cards! I know most of you already know about this, but here is a link, just in case: His wish is to receive more birthday cards then anyone ever has. I think it's so simple and easy to make his little wish come true and please pray for him to recover fully. Mail the birthday card to:

2001 Thurston Dr.
Ottawa ON, K1G6C9
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