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Allison Quets - This topic has caused a lot of heated debates. Not knowing the 'full story', I'm on the side of the biological mother. I don't think she kidnapped her twins. I think this is a mother who was so physically sick after giving birth, and worried for her children's future, that she agreed, under immense pressure, to put them up for adoption. She did this and 12 hours later changed her mind. In the state of Florida, a parent has up to 3 days to change their minds problem free. So, why were her kids not returned to her right away? Another thing to note is that she lived very close to her kids and visited with them every weekend. Her kids loved her and knew her as their mother, too. So I think it was just a passionate move, a desperate mother move, when she drove with her twins to Canada. I'm glad she has recieved so much support and I hope she gets her twins back. I think adoption is the most amazing thing ever but in this case I'm going to have to side with the biological mother. It is clearly evident that she loves her kids and will do anything for them. I do feel sorry for the adoptive parents, but if they knew she wanted her kids back 12 hours later why did they put up a fight? Anyway clearly there are a lot of unanswered questions to the story, but just from reading what is out there, I think she's a sane and loving mother.

Quets appeals detention hearing

Ottawa Citizen

Allison Quets will return to a North Carolina federal courtroom Thursday afternoon to appeal her pre-trial detention for international parental kidnapping, nearly six weeks after being uncovered in Ottawa with her biological twins. The 49-year-old Florida woman, arrested at a Russell Avenue townhouse on Dec. 29 with 18-month-old twins Holly and Tyler, was remanded into custody by an American magistrate in late-January. Her lawyer, Dennis H. Sullivan Jr., filed a motion in U.S. District Court last week that claimed Ms. Quets was not a flight risk, judging by her good behaviour while released on bond in Ottawa. He also argued that evidence presented by an FBI agent at the detention hearing was based on heresay from the twins' adoptive parents, Kevin and Denise Needham of Apex, North Carolina. Ms. Quets is accused of failing to return the twins after a pre-Christmas weekend visit, instead driving north to Kingston for five days before arriving in Ottawa on Dec. 28 and renting the townhouse for three months. Supporters of Ms. Quets in Eastern Ontario and across the United States have presented her as a loving, intelligent mother trapped by a flawed adoption system and exploited in the summer of 2005 while she recovered from life-threatening complications from her in-vitro pregnancy. But a motion filed Thursday morning by Assistant U.S. Attorney John Bowler radically disagrees with this portrayal, accusing Ms. Quets of acquiring passports for the twins months in advance and carefully researching extradition laws. "The defendant coolly and in a calculated fashion planned this abduction months in advance," the motion reads. "In the course of her preparations she engaged in a number of deceitful acts."
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Mother said...

I'm with allison. So much so... I made her a website