Britney update...

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Britney got to see her children this weekend while in rehab. Supposedly K.Fed brought the boys to Malibu's Promises on Saturday. (I also read that her mom brought them and then the kids went to K.Fed's house, but anyway - she saw her kids!) If K.Fed did, in fact, bring the kids to Promises, it would have been his second visit to Britney in 3 days. He visited with her on Friday, sans children. Hopefully she's getting better. Hopefully seeing her children will help her through this. What a shame it is for her to miss even one day, one night, with her children. I love being the one who feeds, bathes, and tucks in my baby every night. Hence the reason I hardly go out - nothing comes close to being with my baby at night and having our little routine! It is too bad she is missing those moments.
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