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Okay, so it's an amzing blogging world out there, I have discovered. And I have to say, coming across this blog: made me very happy! The mom behind the blog, Rebecca Woolf, is an author whose work has appeared on (another favourite website of mine), Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, and has been quoted in Time Magazine. Plus, her blog - it's just soooo worth a read, you guys! Mom or not, I guarantee you'll love it. It's so refreshing, really, to have this connection to people I don't even know. Being a parant allows that, I think, this common bond, an understanding, a secret little society that you can't be part of until well, you've become a parent. I think combined with the fact that I love to read and I love to write, this is a really fun new world for me. And thank goodness there are a lot of great blogs out there to keep an otherwise boring workday go by so much faster. I love creative outlets, and I'm just happy I discovered these great blogs. So take a minute and check out the blog I mentioned. You'll love it! (AND guess what... I emailed Rebecca... and she emailed me back!) WOOHOO!
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