2 hours to go...

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Today is just one of those days where I really don't want to be here. Actually, I never really want to be at work, but hey, there are bills to pay and toys to buy! So... 2 hours to go... 2 hours until I get to see my baby's smile and hug him tight and laugh and play and feel wonderful. Yesterday he grabbed a book from his bookcase and took one of his teddy bear's, plopped him on the bed, and started to read to him. It was truly so amazing to see. He's so smart, everyday he is doing something new, whether it's saying a new word, discovering when you turn around in circles really fast you'll feel dizzy - and proceeding to laugh his head off - or dancing and singing along with Hi-5. Ahh... I love being a mom! Anyway... I hate the work I am currently doing. I mean, really. There is nothing interesting about writing the commissers' annual report the governments of the provinces and territories, you know. I'm bored! Anyway. It's about that time I take a trip to Starbucks. I'll just get a regular coffee since I only have a few points left today! AND we're having people over for dinner tonight, (pizza)... pizza on day 1 of my diet is just cruel!
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